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Best Paint Colours to Brighten up Dark Rooms

All homes seem to have that room that is lacking in natural light. The obvious paint color choice to brighten up a room would be white. However, painting a dark room white will only make it feel more bland and uninspiring. . .So what are the best colors to paint dark rooms? It can depend on the interior design style of the room.But read below for a few colours that can help regardless of what interior design style you like.


Powder Blue:

When I first moved away from home, my bedroom was a basement room with only on small window. The room was painted a flat white color and had a depressing feel to it. The first thing I did was paint the room in powder blue. It brightens up the room and gives the impression of being outdoors under a blue sky. Powder blue is well suited for bedrooms and bathrooms, especially when paired with bright white accents.


Lavender is a versatile paint color that has a wide range of shades to suit everyone’s tastes. When paired with gray tones, black, or white it has a sophisticated appeal, perfect for an adult bedroom. When paired with bold purples and blues it has more of a playful appeal.

Yellow mimics natural light when reflecting artificial lighting. Choosing a pale yellow gives the feeling of natural lighting, without overpowering the space. Yellows pair well with bright white trim and warm wooden tones.

Light Grey:

Why add grey to an already dark and dreary room? A light grey adds some personality to the room while maintaining neutrality, and pairs well with accents that can be incorporated using bright fabrics and accessories.