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Ceiling Paint Colour Trends That Aren’t White

When many people think of interior decorating, their ceilings are often an overlooked part of the interior painting process. While changing the colours on your wall to fit your interior design style can completely transform a room, the colour of paint on your ceiling can also make a huge difference. Why limit your ceilings to

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Interior Design Styles and The Paint Colours That Go With Them

What better time than now to redecorate your home? If you are looking for a new interior design style that feels more “you”, it’s likely that you can be overwhelmed by the available choices. Even once you have chosen your decor and design, you will then have to choose an interior paint colour to match!

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How Lighting Affects Paint Colour and Why it Matters

How Lighting Affects Paint Color and Why it Matters If you’re looking to make some decorative changes in your home, there’s no easier way than with a fresh coat of paint. Whether you are adding a pop of colour to your bedroom, redecorating your kitchen, brightening up a dark room or tackling your entire house,

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The Best Paint Colours for Selling a House Typically, when choosing paint colors you want to choose colors that align with you personal style and personality. However, when selling your home it’s important to choose colors that appeal to the masses. It would be challenging to find a buyer that shares your appreciation for neon

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The Best Paint Colours for Brightening Up Dark Rooms All homes seem to have that room that is lacking in natural light. The obvious paint color choice to brighten up a room would be white. However, painting a dark room white will only make it feel more bland and uninspiring. . .So what are the

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