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Pros and Cons of Acrylic & Elastomeric Paints

Stucco exteriors are durable, long lasting, and add a certain aesthetic to any building. When it comes time to refresh your stucco exterior with a new coat of paint, you’ll want to make sure you are using a high quality product that will provide weather resistance and a crisp look for many years. If you are looking to repaint stucco, your main product options are acrylic paint or elastomeric paint. Let’s look at these products in more depth below: 

Acrylic Paint for Stucco

Acrylic paints are one type of stucco paint that come highly recommended by stucco professionals. It’s high permeability makes it a favourite product of many contractors. Here are some pros and cons of acrylic paint:

  • Pro: It is one of the most affordable choices for stucco paint. 
  • Pro: It has the highest permeability rating. Permeability describes the breathability of a paint – and stucco iors are meant to be breathable.
  • Pro: Can be easily painted over with any other product. Also, due to the high permeability, multiple coats will not significantly reduce breathability. 
  • Con: Does not last as long as other products, so it will require repainting slightly more often.
  • Con: Will not fill imperfections and cracks in the stucco surface as well as elastomeric paint. 

Elastomeric Paint for Stucco

Elastomeric paint products are also a solid choice for stucco exterior, and are a great alternative to acrylic paints. Since the success of elastomeric paints can depend on a few factors, it may be a good idea to find out if others in your area or climate have used this product. Below are some pros and cons of elastomeric paints:

  • Pro: Hides imperfections and fills small cracks in the stucco surface more effectively than acrylic paint, which can improve durability. 
  • Pro: It is more water resistant than acrylic paint, allowing it to better protect your exterior.
  • Con: It is a more expensive product. 
  • Con: Due to the nature of the product, you can only apply another elastomeric paint (preferably the exact same product) over top.
  • Con: It has a much lower permeability rating than acrylic paint, making it less breathable. 

Still not sure which product is best for your exterior painting project? Contact our team of experts today – we are happy to help provide you with product recommendations, and also provide exterior painting services to meet all of your needs.