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Interior Design Styles and The Paint Colours That Go With Them

What better time than now to redecorate your home? If you are looking for a new interior design style that feels more “you”, it’s likely that you can be overwhelmed by the available choices. Even once you have chosen your decor and design, you will then have to choose an interior paint colour to match! If the options seem endless, let us help by laying out some of the most popular interior design styles and which paint colours may go best with them.

Interior design is a fun and creative space where you get to express your personality and aesthetic! Interior painting is a way to do that. Here are some design styles to consider:


Traditional is just that – traditional! This style takes from 18th-19th century Europe, and incorporates regal and ornate designs. You are likely to see rich textiles (such as velvet and silk), dark wood tones with intricate details, floral and striped fabric, crystal light fixtures, and neutral and subdued colours.

Recommended paint colour: Antiquarian Brown – has a regal and understated feel.

antiqurian brown


Scandanavian style is all about simple and functional elements, and some variations even emphasize eco-friendly materials. This style includes many cozy elements such as organic materials, light wood tones, large mirrors and natural light, rugs and throws, and all-white colour schemes with grey accents.

Recommended paint colour: Reddened Earth – a subtle red that pairs well with light browns.

reddened earth


A modern style emphasizes clean lines and a definite lack of clutter. Modern designs take pieces from a number of different styles, including Scandanavian and Mid-Century Modern. You will often find sleeker materials such as metal and glass, bright and open space, limited decor elements, a small number of bold statement art/furniture pieces, and neutral tones.

Recommended paint colour: Urbane Bronze – has a warm yet modern feel.

urbane bronze

Modern Farmhouse

This unique style blends rustic elements with modern sleekness to become a warm and inviting space. It features traditional accents such as wood beams and barn doors, open concept layouts, contrasting metal materials, simple lighting, and neutral tones with accents of nature-inspired colours. It’s worth noting that lighting affects paint colours.

Recommended paint colour: Cape Verde – brings a pop of natural colour to any room.

cape verde


The transitional style brings two or more styles together to create one combined look. Most often, this style pairs traditional designs with more modern concepts. Commonly seen are minimal accessories and clutter, furniture and textile accents, traditional elements paired with contemporary fixtures, and off-whites and neutral tones.

Recommended paint colour: Reddened Earth – pairs well with beiges and light browns.

reddened earth

There are plenty of paint colour options to go with whichever style you choose for your Victoria home – but don’t let it overwhelm you! Still unsure of which colour to go with? Contact our painters in Victoria BC to learn more about our colour consultation and painting services.

Featured Image Courtesy of Chasity Cortijo on Unsplash.