Painting Article

Why You Should Paint Your Home’s Exterior This Spring

If you are thinking about painting your home’s exterior, you may be considering the best time of year to do it. While most people think that summer is the time to paint their home, you might be surprised to hear that spring is actually the best time to do it. Here on the west coast, we have a very small window of ideal conditions for exterior painting, so we need to make the most of it! Below are 4 reasons that you should paint your home’s exterior in the spring. 

  • Spring weather = perfect conditions for painting
    It can be tricky to paint outdoors unless the temperature is just right. If conditions aren’t perfect, you may find yourself dealing with peeling, cracking, or fading paint. Paint will apply, adhere, and dry the best in dry air and mild temperatures. Paint tends to dry too fast in the warmer summer temperatures and not fast enough in cooler winter temperatures. In fall, brisk winds can stir around contaminants that will stick to the exterior of your home and compromise your paint. Taking all of that into consideration, spring looks like an easy choice!
  • Get your home ready for the market
    Spring and summer are the most popular times to put a house on the market, and if you are thinking about selling you likely want your home looking its best. After all, your home’s exterior will be what a potential buyer will base their first impression on! Would you rather them see peeling paint with faded trim, or a freshly painted exterior?
  • Refresh any areas touched by winter weather
    While winter on the west coast isn’t usually snowy or freezing cold, winter weather can still take a toll on your home’s exterior. All that wind, rain, and temperature fluctuation is not good for exterior paint. Not only could your home use a pressure washing after winter, it may need a fresh coat of paint to repair any cracks, peels, and flakes caused by moisture accumulation over the winter.
  • Increase your home’s value
    Whether you are considering selling your home or not, it is never a bad thing to increase its value. Improvements like and repainting the exterior will add value to your house, and repainting both the interior and exterior is no exception. Even if your home is actually older than others in the neighbourhood, a fresh coat of paint will make it seem newer and more valuable. To maximize value and attract a variety of buyers, be sure to choose neutral tones such as grey, browns, white, or blues that aren’t too bright.

Does your home’s exterior show these 5 signs that it’s in need of a repaint? Ready to paint your home this spring but not sure if you have the time or expertise? Contact us today to learn more about our Victoria BC exterior painting services!